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A Commitment to Protecting the Environment 

Calumet’s efforts to prioritize and protect the environment are focused on tracking and reducing energy consumption and air emissions, water management and conservation as well as waste management.

As a result of Calumet’s investment and continuous improvement efforts in these four areas over the past three years, while overall production has remained steady, air emissions (greenhouse gases) and non-hazardous waste generation have DECREASED during the same time period.

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TitanZero Carbon Neutral Wax

Learn more about TitanZero™, our first carbon neutral product. Calumet’s new soy and petroleum candle wax blend has been independently certified by SCS Global Services and offers another environmental solution that adds value to our customers’ business.

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Soy & Coconut Sustainability

Sustainability is important to Calumet and we’re proud of our environmental efforts. That’s why when we manufacture candles with soy or coconut, we work with renewably sourced wax vendors compliant with the United States Soybean Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP) and The Sustainable Certified Coconut Oil (SCNO) Project. Taking care of our natural resources is an important part of sustainability, and Calumet is committed to continuous improvement in our sustainability and social responsibility efforts.

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Download The 2021 Sustainability Highlights Brochure

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